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Unifying the Phase Diagram of Cuprates and Pnictides

We have shown that a surprising analogy can be made between the phase diagram or cuprate superconductors and iron-based materials. medium-2

Flashes of light on the pseudogap

Beyond the Hubbard paradigm

Our recent paper on iron superconductors is featured in the online condensed matter journal club with a commentary by Prof. A. Fujimori.

Can organics catch up with oxides?

Replacing functional oxides with organic molecular solids in applications such as sensors, computer memories, switches would have a huge impact on our technology. Organic solids are easy to process in films and environmental friendly as opposed to their oxide partners.


SUPERBAD has contributed with theoretical calculations to the first report of an organic high-temperature ferroelectric, Diisopropylammonium Bromide, just published on Science. You can also take a look at the perspective by Dawn Bonnell.


Real-space pairing?

Studying superconductivity can actually be cooler than dancing it. Yet, this video is very cool.

By the way, what happens if there are less women than men? Take a look at (if you are a physicist!).

What if men are slower than women?


This is the official site of the project SUPERBAD (short for “Understanding Superconductivity from the foundations: Superconductivity as a cure for bad metallic behaviour”) a Starting Independent Research Grant funded by European Research Council through the IDEAS program (Grant Agreement 240524).

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